Brian Buster, Recognized by as a 2024 Top Agent

From Service to Success: Brian’s Path as a Leader, a Marine, and a Realtor Dedicated to Excellence 

Brian Buster’s professional biography is not just a list of accomplishments; it is a narrative of dedication, growth, and the pursuit of excellence. His career trajectory began with the Walker County Sheriff’s Department, where he imbibed the values of service and community. His journey continued to the Marine Corps, where he polished his leadership skills, earning accolades like the Motivation Award and Most Improved Marine, which marked his significant growth milestones. 

One of Brian’s most significant achievements was receiving the Certificate of Commendation for passing a major inspection in the 0111 legal field, a testament to his attention to detail and mission-focused mindset. His leadership abilities were further recognized as he became a part of the Marine Corps Honor Funeral Team in New York, a role that taught him the profound importance of honor and respect. 

Transitioning from the military to civilian life, Brian found a new passion in real estate, inspired by his partner, Gregg Lindsay. Together at Luxe Living Group, LLC, they are not just participating in the Houston real estate market; they are transforming it. Their approach prioritizes changing lives over closing deals, building lasting relationships, and serving clients with dedication. Their disruptive presence in the industry sets them apart as realtors who are committed to making a difference.

In Brian’s own words, “In this grand scheme of things, I am not just a realtor, I am a dream-weaver, a community-crafter, a guide, a friend. I am here to make a difference, to transform lives, one home at a time.” His passion and commitment shine through in every transaction, turning property dreams into tangible realities for his clients. 

The cornerstone of Brian’s success in real estate is undeniably his partnership with Gregg Lindsay. Together, they share a vision of conquering challenges and pushing boundaries to reach new heights in the industry. Brian’s marine training has equipped him with an indomitable spirit that he brings to his professional endeavors, adding structure and discipline to their shared journey. 

As a team, Gregg and Brian are known for being different—for being the realtors who disrupt the status quo. Their powerful partnership is built on a foundation of shared values and a relentless drive to serve. They are here to make an impact, and their legacy will be the lives they have changed and the standards they have set in the ever-evolving landscape of real estate.

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