Carol Bettinger, Recognized by as a 2023 Top Agent

Carol Bettinger is dedicated to helping her clients achieve their dreams and secure their slice of luxury in Tampa’s thriving real estate market.

Carol, Tampa’s Premier Luxury Relocation Specialist, is currently affiliated with the esteemed real estate agency Lombardo Heights. Unlike many agents who are primarily motivated by commissions tied to the purchase price, Carol takes a different approach. Her professional and unbundled compensation agreement ensures she is rewarded for the services she provides, regardless of the final outcome.

This distinctive approach addresses several common issues in the real estate industry. Firstly, it eliminates the temptation to oversell properties, as Carol is committed to providing her clients with honest and accurate information. Secondly, Carol’s willingness to say “no” when necessary ensures that her clients make informed decisions, even if it means not buying a particular house. Lastly, this approach filters out individuals who aren’t genuine luxury home buyers, allowing Carol to dedicate her time and expertise to those who truly value them.

Specializing in luxury, residential, and commercial properties, Carol has become a trusted advisor to numerous investors. Her competitive nature, honed from her early dreams of Olympic glory, has become the driving force behind her successful real estate career. Although her athletic aspirations were derailed by a severe injury, Carol’s determination and competitive spirit found a new home in the world of real estate.

Carol’s academic background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a minor in Business from Miami University. She has also earned the distinction of being a Certified Negotiation Expert, which has been a cornerstone of her success in the industry.

For Carol and her clients, building a mutually beneficial team is paramount. The acronym TEAM represents Time, Effort, Aggravation, and Money, highlighting the importance of prioritizing efficiency and minimizing unnecessary hassles to ultimately save money. They understand the value of focusing on critical tasks, delegating where appropriate, and disregarding the frivolous.

Deeply rooted in her community, Carol serves as an alumni board member of the Academy of Holy Names, her high school, and is a VIP member of prestigious organizations like Working Women of Tampa Bay, MGM, RGA, and the University Club in Tampa, among others. She also contributes to local Tampa Bay charities through the Trust for Success, exemplifying her commitment to giving back.

Carol attributes much of her success to her mother, who instilled in her strong morals and ethics. Her relentless advocacy for her clients in the world of luxury real estate is a testament to her unwavering determination and refusal to give up.

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