Denise O’Connor, Recognized by as a 2023 Top Agent

Denise O’Connor stands out as a realtor with a heart of gold, helping her clients make the most of their Colorado dreams.

Denise’s character has been shaped by a unique blend of her Irish-American and Japanese heritage, growing up in Okinawa. From an early age, she was instilled with values such as duty, honor, and integrity, which have become the pillars of her character. Her faith and strong family bonds further nurtured her caring and compassionate nature, forming the foundation for her career as a realtor.

Now residing in the beautiful outdoor playground of Colorado, Denise is passionate about maximizing the state’s potential and encourages others to do the same. As she reaches the midpoint of her life, she has embarked on a journey to combine her personal passions and skills with her deep love for the Centennial State. With a solid foundation of service, knowledge, and unwavering dedication, she approaches her career as a real estate broker not just as a job but as an advocate for the dreams of her fellow Coloradans.

One of Denise’s defining qualities is her genuine ability to connect with people. Her multicultural background and upbringing have uniquely prepared her to empathize with the concerns and needs of her clients. She understands that real estate transactions are not just about properties; they are about people and their dreams. With warmth and understanding, Denise is committed to making those dreams come true.

Beyond her role as a real estate broker, Denise is also deeply committed to being a responsible steward of the environment. Embracing sustainable practices, such as installing solar panels on her home and driving an electric car, she reduces her carbon footprint and exemplifies her dedication to preserving the natural beauty of Colorado.

On a personal level, Denise’s interests are as diverse as her background. From studying Feng Shui to nurturing her love for art, architecture, and photography, she is a true renaissance spirit. However, her heart truly belongs to the great outdoors. She embraces the countless opportunities that Colorado offers, whether it’s hiking, snowboarding, trail running, or embarking on exhilarating motorcycle rides through scenic routes like Poudre Canyon. Denise finds solace in horseback riding in the foothills and the tranquility of snowshoeing in Rocky Mountain National Park. For her, the biking trails stretching across the state are not just paths, but gateways to adventure.

In summary, Denise embodies a unique combination of cultural influences, values, and passions. With her unwavering dedication, genuine connection with others, and commitment to the environment, she is not only a real estate broker but also an advocate for the dreams and aspirations of her clients, while cherishing and preserving the beauty of Colorado.

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