Ellen Jones, Recognized by BestAgents.us as a 2023 Top Agent

Ellen’s unique skill set makes her a standout choice for anyone seeking expert guidance in the real estate market.

Ellen is an exceptional realtor with a background that truly sets her apart in the world of real estate. Her journey began as a highly acclaimed TV investigative reporter, where she garnered two Emmy awards for her work in Miami and St. Louis. For 18 years, Ellen fearlessly exposed the truth, held public officials accountable, and fought for consumer rights. Her tough, honest, and tenacious reporting style made her a force to be reckoned with, as she never accepted “no” for an answer when it came to uncovering important stories.

Known for her exceptional listening and communication skills, Ellen has proved her worth in these challenging times. She has successfully sold properties sight unseen by utilizing her TV broadcast expertise to provide virtual property tours that make buyers feel as though they are physically present. Ellen’s integrity and dedication shine through as she helps clients navigate the unique challenges of the current real estate market. Her ability to truly listen and understand her clients’ needs has earned her praise from both fellow realtors and satisfied clients.

One of Ellen’s most notable achievements as a journalist was winning the National Press Club award for consumer reporting. Her relentless pursuit of justice led to the exposure of real estate fraud in Missouri, ultimately resulting in the enactment of laws that protect consumers from such abuses. Her dedication to her work was further demonstrated when she earned an Emmy for breaking a story about a school superintendent stealing gold-plated plumbing. Despite facing death threats, Ellen’s commitment to uncovering the truth led to the superintendent’s conviction and imprisonment.

Transitioning from journalism, Ellen’s career path led her to become a top-performing financial consultant at Smith Barney. Her commitment to ethical practices and protecting her clients’ interests was evident as she refused to sell risky investments to vulnerable individuals. Additionally, Ellen’s passion for making a positive impact extended to her work as a media consultant for non-profit organizations, including the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. She also authored several popular vegan books, addressing dietary and health concerns in her own unique way.

Real estate is in Ellen’s blood, as she grew up accompanying her father to explore new subdivisions while he ran the largest lighting fixture business in St. Louis. This early exposure to the industry provided her with valuable insights and knowledge.

Beyond her professional achievements, Ellen is also a nationally ranked sprinter, showcasing her dedication and discipline in the world of athletics. Her love for running has allowed her to intimately know the parks and neighboring communities in the areas she serves, proving to be a valuable asset in her real estate career.

On a more personal level, Ellen’s experiences with breast cancer within her family and her involvement in gene studies have deeply influenced her perspective and empathy toward her clients. As the only adult female in her family without breast cancer, Ellen’s personal journey has given her a profound understanding of life’s challenges.

Overall, Ellen’s remarkable background, exceptional skills, and unwavering dedication make her an outstanding realtor who goes above and beyond for her clients.

Learn More about Ellen Jones:

Through her Best Agent’s profile, https://bestagents.us/profile?agent=2120186 or through her website, https://www.ellenjaffejones.myrealtyonegroup.com/

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