Jessica Greenawald, Recognized by as a 2023 Top Agent

Licensed in the State of Pennsylvania, Jessica Greenawald possesses the necessary expertise and knowledge to navigate the intricacies of the local market.

Jessica is an exceptional real estate agent affiliated with Percheron LLC, a renowned real estate firm located in McKeesport, PA. With a strong commitment to her clients, Jessica strives to provide comprehensive support to both buyers and sellers throughout their real estate transactions. She firmly believes in representing her clients’ best interests, ensuring a smooth and successful journey from negotiations to contract execution.

One area in which she particularly excels is title work. She has developed a deep understanding of the complexities involved in verifying and establishing the ownership rights to properties. Through her meticulous attention to detail, she ensures that all legal aspects of the title are thoroughly examined, giving her clients the confidence they need to make informed decisions.

Another area of specialization for Jessica is foreclosures. She has honed her skills in this domain, providing invaluable guidance and assistance to clients who are either looking to purchase foreclosed properties or seeking solutions for their own foreclosure situations. With her in-depth knowledge of the foreclosure process, she navigates through the associated challenges and complexities, striving to achieve the best possible outcomes for her clients.

Finally, as an expert in mineral rights, she assists clients in understanding their rights and maximizing their property’s value. Her thorough understanding of the regulations and nuances surrounding mineral rights allows her to provide strategic advice, ensuring her clients make well-informed decisions regarding these valuable assets.

When asked about the factors contributing to her success, Jessica attributes it to her extensive experience in the industry spanning over 20 years. Throughout her career, she has acquired a wealth of knowledge and expertise, enabling her to navigate the real estate landscape with confidence and finesse.

Moreover, her innate curiosity and investigative nature have served her well, allowing her to dig deeper and uncover crucial information that can make a significant difference in her clients’ transactions. Her enthusiasm for working outside adds to her passion for her work, as she enjoys exploring various properties and landscapes, helping clients find their perfect homes or investment opportunities.

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