Kelli Cosio, Recognized by as a 2023 Top Agent

With an empathetic heart, Kelli ensures her clients feel not only supported but truly understood throughout every step of their real estate journey. 

Kelli is a dedicated realtor associated with Boise Premier Real Estate in Boise, Idaho. One aspect of her profession that she finds gratifying is collaborating with her clients to ensure they have unwavering support. The joy that Kelli experiences when assisting individuals in finding their ideal home, be it their first residence, forever home, or investment property, is something she cherishes and relishes repeatedly.

“In my real estate endeavors within Idaho’s Treasure Valley community, I take pleasure in establishing personal connections with clients and sharing in their enthusiasm as they seek a new home. Recognizing that not all transactions are joyous occasions, I approach each individual situation with empathy and understanding, ensuring a compassionate perspective in the realm of buying and selling real estate.”

While Kelli possesses numerous strengths in her field, including her certification as a real estate negotiator, her exceptional people skills are perhaps her greatest asset. She takes immense pleasure in establishing deep connections with her clients, as it transforms them from mere “clients” into individuals with whom she genuinely invests.  

What truly drives Kelli in her work is the belief that every client, regardless of their financial status, deserves to be treated as a unique individual. She recognizes the profound impact that buying or selling a home can have on someone’s livelihood, and she approaches this responsibility with utmost seriousness. Ensuring that each person she works with feels heard, supported, and attended to from start to finish is of paramount importance to her.

Foremost, Kelli credits her success to her faith, trusting that a higher power will always guide her in the right direction, and to her husband’s steadfast support. 

In her personal life, Kelli discovers joy playing in a local softball league in Meridian, surrounded by close friends and family. Appreciating football and NASCAR year-round, she is always ready for some good-natured banter.

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