Liliana Farias, Recognized by as a 2024 Top Agent

Treating clients with unwavering respect and honesty, Liliana guides them towards a home that reflects their dreams and aspirations.

Liliana is a successful realtor at reThought Real Estate in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her mission is clear: to empower and support her community in their pursuit of homeownership, making the journey less daunting and bridging the gap that often exists in navigating the real estate landscape.

A dynamic individual, Liliana was born on July 7, 1993, in the vibrant city of Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico. Her educational journey led her to a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business, Marketing, and Real Estate—a fusion of fields that has always captivated her. 

For the initial seven years of her professional life, Liliana immersed herself in sales and marketing, honing her skills and establishing a robust foundation. Despite her success, a genuine desire to support and empower the Hispanic community prompted her to make a transformative career shift into real estate.

This significant pivot resonated deeply with Liliana, redirecting her focus towards assisting fellow immigrants in the United States. Understanding the challenges of the immigrant experience firsthand, she recognized that one of the most substantial hurdles, both practical and emotional, is often the pursuit of homeownership. 

Liliana takes pride in being part of the journey that aids her fellow immigrants in Wisconsin. Specializing in assisting clients with various types of documentation, from ITIN and DACA to student visas, work visas, or SSN, she guides them through what is arguably the most significant investment of their lives – a home.

Drawing from her own experiences, Liliana navigates language barriers, translation hurdles, and distinct financial perspectives to simplify the complex process. These shared experiences fuel her commitment to the world of real estate, driving her continuous improvement. 

Inspired by the challenges she faced as an immigrant, Liliana dedicates herself to this field. Each day, she wakes up with a fervent desire to become better, offering clients more than just a house, but a place where they can build their dreams and create their own stories. It is an honor for Liliana to be part of their lives and contribute to the growth of her beloved Hispanic community in Wisconsin. 

Outside of real estate, Liliana enjoys pole vaulting and reading. 

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