Marty Appel, Recognized by as a 2023 Top Agent

With a breadth of experience, Marty assists clients facing later-in-life challenges with compassion and grace. 

Marty is a reputable mortgage loan officer and Home Equity Retirement Specialist (NMLS # 235426) at Mutual of Omaha Reverse Mortgage in San Leandro, California. He works with clients who are looking to purchase a home, or refinance their existing mortgage into a reverse mortgage, or just get equity from their home.

Often, the challenge many seniors face is that a significant portion of their net worth is locked in their home value and they feel pressured to sell just to fund their retirement. Marty takes pride in assisting seniors through life’s transitions with his no-pressure, educational approach.

His proficiency in this field has earned him an outstanding reputation as a well-known local expert and speaker on reverse mortgages. He has helped numerous older homeowners improve their retirement years by providing them with the right reverse mortgage program that meets their specific needs and goals. 

In the last two decades, none of his clients have ever regretted their decisions because he provides them with extra care and assistance. Marty’s dedication to his clients is crucial because many of them are widows who want to remain in their homes. He ensures that the entire process happens smoothly and provides them with the necessary support and guidance. 

Integrity, loyalty, diligence, and compassion are Marty’s core values, which have contributed significantly to his success as a mortgage loan officer. He credits his accomplishments to his caring attitude towards helping older homeowners. 

When he is not working, Marty enjoys cooking, creating sculptures with hot glass, and growing beautiful orchids.

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