Melissa Burks, Recognized by as a 2024 Top Agent

Consulting on the sale of timeless homes in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex, Melissa matches clients with their ideal homes by understanding their vision and needs.

Energetic and outgoing, Melissa excels in her role as a New Home Consultant at Grand Homes in Addison, Texas.

In her position, she actively collaborates with buyers and realtors to facilitate the promotion and completion of newly constructed and inventory home sales. Melissa diligently acquires leads from various channels, oversees the sales transaction process, and ensures seamless follow-ups with potential buyers to foster engagement.

Furthermore, Melissa coordinates customer visits to various departments, upholds high standards for model homes and communities, and consistently delivers exceptional service to clients. She is committed to exceeding the company’s sales and closing targets while building long-term, productive relationships within the industry.

Embarking on her journey in the real estate industry in 2021, Melissa initially assisted a real estate agent for four months, an experience she found deeply rewarding. Transitioning to a real estate investment firm, she specialized in identifying distressed and undervalued residential and commercial properties, working remotely for approximately a year while navigating challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Inspired by these experiences, Melissa decided to formalize her career in real estate through schooling and examinations. While exploring various brokerage opportunities, she was introduced to the world of new home sales, a path recommended by industry insiders. 

Despite initial hesitancy due to her acquisition of a real estate license, Melissa decided to pursue an interview for a new home sales position and was promptly offered the job. Since then, she has become an integral member of the Grand Homes team, finding immense fulfillment in her work.

In 2023, Melissa was recognized as the Rookie of the Year and achieved an impressive sixth position in sales within the top 10 list for the same year.

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