Melissa Lynch, Recognized by as a 2024 Top Agent

Melissa Lynch, Brings Valuable Skills and Knowledge to Galway Real Estate & Management

Melissa, the Broker and Owner of Galway Real Estate & Management in San Jose, California, offers her clients a wealth of experience, gained from her extensive background in education and real estate. With a strong foundation in building relationships, critical thinking, and in-depth analysis, Melissa is poised to make significant contributions to the real estate industry.

Having been introduced to the world of real estate at a young age by her father, who was an architect, custom home builder, and broker, Melissa’s passion for the industry runs deep. A product of local institutions such as UC Santa Cruz and Santa Clara University, Melissa spent 16 years as an educator, developing curriculum units for humanities that are still being utilized by high schools in Santa Clara County and beyond.

Throughout her teaching career, Melissa focused on fostering strong bonds with her students and equipping them with valuable skills that have now seamlessly transitioned into her real estate practice. Her emphasis on relationship-building, critical thinking, and in-depth analysis has set her apart in the competitive real estate market, allowing her to provide unparalleled service to her clients.

As a licensed broker, Melissa possesses the essential knowledge, experience, and qualifications needed to handle real estate transactions efficiently and effectively. Her commitment to excellence and dedication to her clients’ needs make her a trusted partner in the buying and selling process.

With Melissa Lynch’s innovative approach, strong work ethic, and dedication to client satisfaction, Galway Real Estate & Management is poised for continued success in the San Jose real estate market. Contact Melissa today to experience the difference her personalized service can make in your real estate endeavors. 

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