Niva Telfort, Recognized by as a 2023 Top Agent.

Niva’s genuine love for people, coupled with her expertise and professional approach, sets her apart in the industry.

Niva Telfort also known as Niva “The Diva” Telfort is a well-established real estate broker who has gained recognition in the industry due to her extensive knowledge and unwavering dedication. As the driving force behind Niva & Jude 1st Class Realty Corp, she has successfully positioned the agency as a leader in the competitive market of residential and commercial properties in Florida and Georgia.

With a history spanning over four years, Niva has consistently demonstrated her deep understanding of her clients’ aspirations and her relentless commitment to fulfilling them. She possesses a wealth of knowledge that encompasses the ever-changing real estate markets, allowing her to navigate seamlessly through the complexities of various locations such as Coral Gables, Dania, Fort Lauderdale, Jensen Beach, Miami, Orlando, and more. Her acute awareness of localities and market trends empowers her to provide customized solutions that perfectly align with her clients’ specific needs.

However, it is not just Niva’s professional expertise that distinguishes her; it is the genuine relationships she forms with her clients that truly sets her apart. Through years of dedicated service, she has built unbreakable bonds with her clients, which serve as a testament to her integrity and commitment. These relationships are the foundation of her success and continue to grow stronger with each successful transaction. By nurturing these connections, she has not only enriched her career but also created a network of extended family members.

When asked about the driving force behind her achievements, Niva’s response reflects a profound sense of purpose and responsibility. As a devoted mother, she finds inspiration in her children, which propels her to leave behind a legacy that embodies the values of diligence, excellence, and compassion. Her vision extends beyond her own lifetime, as she aspires to create a solid foundation upon which her children and grandchildren can build their own dreams.

In addition to her impressive accomplishments, Niva is also multilingual, fluent in English, Spanish, and French.

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