Runa Ivy Brakaj, Recognized by as a 2024 Top Agent in Property Management and Business Consulting 

Runa is passionate about changing the way that people see real estate management and entrepreneurship. Managing best in class properties, with a personal vision of helping people achieve their personal and investment goals by providing consulting services for individual owners, developers, and businesses small and large. Most importantly, Runa’s method of work emphasizes utilizing emerging data from the latest market trends and nurturing long-term relationships based on trust, communication and compassion.

Runa is the co-founder and CEO of European Management Group, LLC. Runa primarily operates out of the SF Bay Area and San Diego, California offering commercial real estate management and business consulting. 

A first-generation California born and raised native, Runa has held a Real Estate License since 2014, and has an MBA from Santa Clara University, both of which contribute to her deep understanding of business practices and aid her in identifying new opportunities. Leveraging her European roots, citizenship and travel experiences as design and lifestyle inspiration at the properties she manages, referencing traditional infrastructure, and current movements to stay one step ahead. She caters to the task at hand’s needs and parameters, adopting a “most bank for buck” approach.  

To-date, the young professional has managed ~10 Million Square Feet of commercial real estate including complex mixed use assets within office, residential, and retail spaces. Much of this experience comes from her direct employment for owners managing esteemed properties ranging from complex “mini-villages”, Class-A office buildings, malls, privately owned residential units and estates, and offering consulting and review based services for other unique properties in both the U.S. no and foreign countries. She believes that cultivating Class-A environments, being creative in the use of common area management, and providing uniquely designed spaces will help businesses achieve their prosperity goals and simultaneously provide one of a kind, unforgettable experiences for guests and customers. 

Additionally, Runa’s diverse experience and education equips her with a comprehensive grasp of contracts, financials, budgeting, and reporting. Her keen eye for detail spans across multiple industries all of which she leverages to benefit her clients specific needs. In the rapidly changing environment of commercial real estate, she recognizes the significance of staying up to date and in tune to new macro and micro investment plays, laws, socioeconomic, community and consumer trends. 

Runa’s ideal client-partners are those who are looking to create original, innovative and impressionable offerings; whether that client is a long-standing established real estate developer, group or individual owners who manage mature assets, a small business owner who is looking to build their first retail space, or a hotel developer looking for the next best highly desirable tourist area to enter and succeed in. Overseeing business growth efforts, conducting market research, coordinating with company’s owners, conducting risk assessment and maintaining beneficial relationships with clients, suppliers and other business partners is her drive of mutual success. Her passion for community engagement, giving, individual health & wellness, professional sports, design, architecture, fashion, hospitality, travel and lifestyle are the foundation in which Runa is able to leverage to help clients from varying backgrounds with their real estate management needs. 

Runa is fluent in both English and Albanian, passive fluent in Spanish. She is passionate about finding ways to improve every environment she comes across, always leaving a property or business better than she found it! 

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