Wil Klooster, Recognized by BestAgents.us as a 2023 Top Agent.

Driven by his passion for the community, Wil eagerly guides clients to find their dream homes in Durango while sharing the beauty of the area.

Utilizing his knowledge as a real estate broker with The Wells Group, Wil focuses on residential properties for buyers and sellers in the Durango area.

Whether assisting individuals in finding their dream homes or guiding investors towards profitable opportunities, he is committed to delivering exceptional service and making a positive impact on the lives of those in the community he proudly calls home.

Originally from the picturesque city of Traverse City in Michigan, Wil embarked on an exciting adventure in 2017, relocating to the enchanting town of Durango, Colorado to pursue a college education at Fort Lewis College.

Durango quickly captured his heart, from the awe-inspiring mountain ranges to the vibrant community, making it an unforgettable experience with unparalleled beauty and warm-hearted people. After completing his education and earning a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Marketing, Wil made the wise decision to stay in Durango to pursue a career in real estate at The Wells Group. 

The growing real estate market in the area, coupled with his love for the community, made it an obvious choice for him to build his professional career there. In 2019, his immediate family, including his parents and two sisters, also relocated to the Durango area, recognizing it as an exceptional place to live. 

An avid adventurer, Wil is drawn to Durango’s abundance of outdoor activities, including skiing, waterskiing, rafting, golfing, and immersing himself in nature. Whether he is carving through powder on the slopes, gliding across the glassy reservoirs or navigating the exhilarating Animas River, each experience brings him immeasurable joy and fulfillment. 

Learn More about Wil Klooster:

Through his Best Agent’s profile, https://bestagents.us/profile.php?agent=2120392 or through The Wells Group, https://www.wellsgroupdurango.com/agents/109843-wil-klooster

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